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Kwistr - Regression testing for the 21st century

I've worked in engineering management for over 20 years and neither I nor any of my peers have ever been happy with the state of regression testing for our products. Creating the tests slows down the team's development velocity and the tests are always breaking. Kwistr is designed to solve this.

Unlike most current tools, Kwistr doesn't try to do functional and regression testing at the same time. In fact, it doesn't try to do functional testing at all. It only does regression testing. By focusing on only regression testing, it is able to automate a significant portion of the regression test creation. In many cases, Kwistr is able to provide 100% regression test coverage without the need to create a single regression test case manually.

Kwistr is launching in late 2018. Check out their website and sign up to be notified when it launches.

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